Services offered & courses

Services offered

  • Training at your place
  • Training with support service
  • Consultancy
  • Support Surgeries
  • Advice surgeries
  • Materials for you to use on your own training courses

Consultancy Services

Consultancy services are available – please email for more information. Services offered include case support; mentorship ; cases written for you; advice and support e.g. helpline etc.

Advice & Support Surgeries with a training course

Advice and support surgeries are offered along with training courses. Just book a half day training course and then an advice surgery for the rest of the day. For example  experienced users could come along in the morning to discuss problems and issues with the program and new users could come in the afternoon for an introductory training course. The cost is the same as a full day training course.




Please note: Users  should have a computer with the software installed. If you don’t have a license please contact Lisson Grove.

Each user will get the most out of the course is they have their own computer.

Discounts are available for multiple bookings – please contact with the number of courses. 

Post course support included & Materials

All of those who attend the course get 14 days post course support via email and phone if necessary.

Website support is available with materials so others at your organisation can look at the materials.

As a general rule the books and the materials within the program are used on the course this helps users get the most out of the program, Small handouts may also be distributed.

Training – at your place

Training courses are at your place.

The software needs to be installed onto the computer

You should have the software installed on your computers before the course starts – it is sometimes a problem if left to the last moment. If users are bringing their own laptops (Windows Operating System) then please get in touch – it may be possible for them to install it for the course. It is best if those who want the training have their own computer rather than share but that is not always possible.