Lisson Grove Benefits Update

A Lisson Grove Benefits Progam update  – version 7.56 – was released at the end of last week and it should arrive today or tomorrow. If you haven’t got it  please check with your Manager or IT section before you contact Lisson Grove Benefits.

The update reflects the changes to benefits and Continue reading


QBC 20.15 released


QBC 20.15 has been released and is an update to QB20 to reflect the lower benefits cap which applies from the 7 November 2016. The new benefit cap rates are  planned to take 12 weeks to be introduced but might take longer.  QB20.15 runs until 5 February 2017. If you haven’t got your copy please check that your Manager or IT unit does not have it before contacting Lisson Grove Benefits and asking for your updated copy of the Quick Benefits Calculator.

Making notes in QB20

Making notes in the Quick Benefits Calculator

It’s useful to be able to make notes about a case.  The Quick Benefits Calculator has a notes feature. To use QBC notes  go to Report on the Menu Bar. The Menu Bar is the horizontal list at the top of the screen that goes from File to Help. Choose Notes from the Report Menu; the Notes menu is the fourth menu down in QB20 (Quick Benefits version 20). A Windows style Notepad screen appears and you can enter the information you want to there. Notes can be used Continue reading

How to get last year’s QBC Program

To open last year’s program click on the  File Menu. You can see it at the top left of the screen (on the Menu Bar list). From the File sub-menu list you will see “Launch 2015/16 version of QBC”. Click on that and after a warning box you will leave this year’s program and go to last year’s program. It closes this year’s program down. Last year’s program should be used for Tax Credit Final Awards but is also useful for benefits and tax credit over-payments.  The previous year changes with each release of the Quick Benefits Calculator; so for QB20 it was QB19 but for the QB19 (2015-16) release the previous year  was QB18 (2014-15) etc.

QB20.05 released June 2016

The Quick Benefits Calculator has been updated and version 20.05 released. QB20.05 is a planned release and runs until 10th October 2016 unless there are any changes to benefits which mean that the QBC has to be updated before then.

QB20.05 mainly introduces the possible changes to the benefits cap for Housing Benefit and Universal Credit. The date of these changes have yet to be announced. You will see a new button on the Universal Credit screen or the Housing Benefit screen which you can tick to see the lower cap – it is called “Preview lower cap?”.


Image of QBC version 20.05 Universal Credit Screen showing where lower cap button for housng is.
QBC20.05 Housing Benefit show new preview lower cap button


Image of QBC version 20.05 Universal Credit Screen showing where lower cap button for housng is.
QBC20.05 Universal Credit Screen – lower cap.


If you have not got your QB20.05 release please check with your IT section or your manager to ask if they have it before contacting Lisson Grove Benefits Program.