QB19 (2015-16)

QBC19 was released at the end of March. You should have got your copy of the Quick Benefits Calculator by now. If you haven’t got it then speak to your I.T. section as they tend to get it first.  If you still haven’t got it contact Lisson Grove Benefits Ltd. as soon as possible : info@lissongrovebenefits.co.uk

There aren’t any radical changes to the QBC from the previous version. There  are some small changes to screens but most of the changes are to do with the calculations
and updating of the program as Council Tax Reduction become more ‘local’ and Universal Credit rolls out.

Marriage TTA

One of the changes to the QB19 is that the claimant’s income from work screen (and the partner’s income from work screen) now has a button on the (Tax) Allowances part of the screen (top right). The button is to enter details about the new Tax Allowance – the Marriage TTA – that is Marriage Transferable Tax Allowance.

If the MTTA is applies in your client’s case you tick the box on the screen of the person who gets the MTTA. So only tick the box for one member of the couple.  Once you tick the box an entry box appears and you can enter the percentage of the MTTA which has been transferred. In many if not most cases this is likely to 100% but just in case it is less – because the law permits it to be less – you can enter that figure.

It is possible to transfer all or some of the MTTA and the QBC allows you to enter the percentage transferred.

Once you have entered the level the QBC then calculates the income tax for the MTTA claimant by applying the MTTA.

The MTTA scheme only applies to claimants (or partners) who are married or who are in a civil partnership and whose partner or spouse has transferred their personal allowance in whole or part. The scheme does not apply to higher rate tax payers and it is only likely to be of financially beneficial if the other member of the couple has taxable income below their personal allowance so not all claimants or partners will apply for it.

You can right click over the MTTA button on the Income from Work screen to see more information about the scheme.