QBC 22 released

Quick Benefits Calculator 22 (the 2018-19 version) has been released. QBC 22 covers the 2018-19 rates for benefits, tax credits, income tax and national insurance rates. It also covers many changes to council tax support or reduction schemes in England where Lisson Grove Benefits Ltd. have been able to get the information from the local authority. Unless there are any emergency benefit changes, updates or program bugs this update should last until end of June.

Scottish Income Tax changes

The Scottish rates of income tax are now different to the rest of the U.K. and they have been included in QB22. There is a button on the Work Details Screen has a button which should be ticked to enableĀ  Scottish tax rates.

Mortgage Interest

QBC22 reflects the removal of support for mortgage interest for most claimants who now apply for a loan instead of the SMI. There are some exceptions (very few) to the general loss of the benefit and the for claimants where mortage interest support continues QBC22 allows you to enter the information. There is a tick button on the Housing Costs Screen.

Not got update copy?

If you have not got your copy please talk to your manager or IT support unit before contacting Lisson Grove Benefits Ltd. They often have it.