Lisson Grove Benefits Program 7.70 released

The Lisson Grove Benefits Program 2018-19 has been released and is on its way to subscribers. Version 7.70 covers the 2018-19 benefit, tax credit, national insurance and tax rates. It also includes the tax differences between Scotland and the rest of the UK. Other than updating the rates the release will include rules changes for e.g.
universal credit claimants in temporary accommodation who still get housing benefit rather than having a housing element included in their UC claim. The 2 week run on of housing benefit under some circumstances in UC has been incorporated.

There is a further planned update later in the Spring if more rules are announced or changed.

If you have not seen your release yet please contact your Manager or IT support before contacting Lisson Grove.


Lisson Grove Benefits Program 2017-18 released

The April 2017 version of the Lisson Grove Benefits Program has been released (version 7.60) and is on its way. This is a major update and reflects changes to welfare benefits and tax credits system e.g. Bereavement Benefits, limited support for 2 children in some benefits, Universal Credit restrictions, Employment and Support Allowance, Housing Benefit etc. A full list of the changes can be found in the program itself. Go to the Menu Bar on the program (File to Benefits Information) and choose the Help Menu. From the Help Menu choose the sub-menu “News Update”. From the News Update sub-menu you can see a list of all the changes in this version. If you haven’t got the program yet please contact your Manager or I.T. section who may have your copy.

Copy and Paste with Lisson Grove 2

After you have copied from the Lisson Grove Benefits Program you may find you have a problem pasting information into applications other than Word.

Lisson Grove Benefits works with Microsoft Word

The Lisson Grove Benefits Program works closely with Microsoft (MS) Word.  LGBP is written and built to work on the Windows Operating System and will paste your copied information into Microsoft Word.   MS Word is Continue reading

Copy and Paste with Lisson Grove 1

There three main ways to copy results and information in the Lisson Grove Benefits Program. I will cover them in this blog and then go through some of the issues and problems that can arise in the next blog.

To copy in the Lisson Grove program you can either use the menu bar or  right click your mouse or wait until you get to the ‘you have completed this benefits assessment’ statement screen at the end.

To use the Menu Bar go to the Menu Bar at the top of the progam’s screen (File to Benefits Information) and then choose the Edit Menu and then choose one of the Continue reading