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 List of the services provided  by Square 1 Training.co.uk

  • Consultancy services available:
    • quick benefits calculator case advice (discuss problems get your answers checked);
    • lisson grove benefits program case advice (discuss problems get your answers checked);
    • case problems with answers;
    • training courses;
    • personal tuition;
    • small group tuition;
    • meetings to discuss problems;
    • email information;
    • email training;
    • newsletters;
    • staff evaluation indicators for external evaulators;
    • reports etc.


To contact square 1 training.co.uk


  • Contact: John Prosser
  • Email : training@square1training.co.uk
  • Telephone: O754 632 5368
  • Twitter @ square1training
  • Blog: square1training.wordpress.com
  • Website: http://www.square1training.co.uk (may be forwarded to the blog site at the moment)

About square 1 Training.co.uk

  • Square 1 Training is a freelance trading name used by John Prosser for a consultancy service on welfare benefits with the  software programs: the Quick Benefits Calculator program and the Lisson Grove Benefits Program.