Lisson Grove Benefits Update

A Lisson Grove Benefits Progam update  – version 7.56 – was released at the end of last week and it should arrive today or tomorrow. If you haven’t got it  please check with your Manager or IT section before you contact Lisson Grove Benefits.

The update reflects the changes to benefits and Continue reading


QBC 20.15 released


QBC 20.15 has been released and is an update to QB20 to reflect the lower benefits cap which applies from the 7 November 2016. The new benefit cap rates are  planned to take 12 weeks to be introduced but might take longer.  QB20.15 runs until 5 February 2017. If you haven’t got your copy please check that your Manager or IT unit does not have it before contacting Lisson Grove Benefits and asking for your updated copy of the Quick Benefits Calculator.