Children Screen

 You get to the Children Screen by clicking on the Children Button on the Basic Details Screen or going to the Details Menu on the Menu Bar.

What this screen does

This screen calculates the amount of benefit and tax credit a claimant can get for each dependant child.  Do not enter non-dependant children on this screen. A non-dependant child should be entered on the non-dependent  screen if they live with the claimant.

The children screen covers the following benefits:

  1. income support/income based jsa
  2. child tax credit
  3. child benefit
  4. disability living allowance
  5. indicate eligibility for premiums for benefits

How to use this screen

  1. Click Add – a child is added and the amount is automatically calculated.
  2. If you make a mistake click remove.
  3. Enter the age of the dependant child – see below if you enter 15 or 16.
  4. You will notice at the bottom of the screen the weekly amount of Income Support is displayed as well as the annual amount of Child Tax Credit.The amount of Child Benefit is also displayed.
  5. If the child has a disability then tick the box “Disabled Child Prem (Premium) or press the DLA (for Disability Living Allowance but it also covers Blind children as well) button.
  6. You will see the amounts for the disabled child are added automatically.

Points to note

  1. If you want to enter more than one child do not click add to try to get the QBC to add the amounts together. The QBC adds the amounts dynamically or automatically – you do not have to tell it to do that. If you click add it will add another child.
  2. If you have made a mistake you click remove.
  3. 15/16 : Date of Birth – if the child is aged 15 or 16 the QBC will ask you the date of birth to work out if they could qualify for the Working Tax Credit child care credit / child care disregard. Type in the child’s date of birth in dd/mm/yy format as indicated by the QBC. You can leave the Date of Birth if you want to as the QBC will still calculate the amount of benefit.
  4. The maximum age you can enter for a child dependant is 19.
  5. Child Benefit. Child Benefit can be altered in the box “Actual Child Benefit” – some claimants do not claim or get the full award of child benefit so if the claimant does not get it then enter the actual amount they get.
  6. Lone Parent FP button. Ignore this button in most cases ! The button Lone Parent FP means Lone Parent Family Premium – this relates to an extra Housing Benefit Premium for Lone Parents who were claiming Housing Benefit as Lone Parents before 1997. There are only a small number of claimants who can get this now. If you do tick this box it adds an amount to the Premiums set out in the Housing Benefit Screen – not this screen. A number of users make the mistake of ticking this button because they think that you have to tick this button if the claimant is a lone parent. Don’t! (unless of course they were a lone parent before 1997 and are covered by the transitional protection rules}.
  7. Dependant Children and Other screens. Information about a child’s circumstances may be entered onto other screens as well. But this is unusual.  For example, the Claimant’s Income from Work Screen has information about child care costs and the Claimant’s Non Means Tested Benefits Screen has boxes for some benefits where child dependant additions can be entered – although these are rare.



Tax Credits & Final awards: use QB18 ( last year’s program).

To check the 2014/15 Tax Credit Final award you need to use last year’s Quick Benefits Calculator (QB18). Go to File on the Menu Bar (which can be found on the Basic Details (or opening) Screen at the top of screen) and choose “Launch 2014/15 version of the QBC” from the Drop Down Menu.  QB18 will then open up. A common error I come across on training courses is that people use this year’s QBC to try to work out last year’s final award.  Also, remember to close it when you want to look at QB19 – again an easy error to make !

QBC 19.05 released

QBC 19.05 was released earlier this week. Users and subscribers should have got it by now. The existing copy continues until the end of July. The new release updates the program to reflect the new Mortgage interest rate. The Mortgage Interest rate appears on the Housing Costs screen for Income Support/Income Based JSA or Pension Credit or Employment Support Allowance or Universal Credit claimants.