Child & Spousal Maintenance; LGBP and QBC

This week: an issue from last week’s blog on maintenance and the QBC. Also, how is maintenance treated in the Lisson Grove Benefits Program ?

After thinking about last week’s post on Maintenance and the Quick Benefits Calculator  I should have emphasised that distinguishing between child and spousal maintenance income on the other income screen  has more importance since the introduction of local council tax reduction schemes and abolition of national council tax benefit. Continue reading


Maintenance and QBC

If a claimant gets maintenance from a previous partner income rules may apply. You have to enter the amount of maintenance and the Quick Benefits Calculator will apply the rules.  You have to enter maintenance paid to the claimant and any maintenance paid to the child separately to reflect the benefits and tax credits rules.

To enter any maintenance go to the Claimant’s Other Income Screen; if the maintenance is paid to the Partner of the claimant then go to the Partner’s Other Income Screen. You will see the box called  “Child Maintenance”  – you can Continue reading

Quick Benefits Calculator and printing out the date

The date of the case is the date entered in the Date Box. The Date Box is found on the Main Screen or Basic Details Screen. If the date you enter in the Date Box is within the period the Quick Benefits Calculator covers it will allow you to enter any date within that period and any case print out will print the date of the case.  If you don’t enter a date into the Date Box  the QBC automatically enters the date from your computer. Most users tend to accept that date and get on with the case. The date in the Date Box is stored as part of the case.   The date of the case is fixed and does not automatically update Continue reading