News: QBC 17.20 released

A minor update (version 17.20) of the Quick Benefits Calculator has been released and is in the post to subscribers. QB17.20 will replace the existing version (QB17.15) which does not stop working until 13 January 2014. QB17.20 covers some minor updates to the law :  children with a disability and ‘the bedroom tax’ and, for Scotland, changes to the treatment of Universal Credit and Council Tax. QB17.20 will run until the 2014-15 benefit rates are introduced on the 6 April 2014.


A to Z of QBC Acronyms and Initialisms

The Quick Benefits Calculator has a number of acronyms and initials and on training courses “what does (..). mean?’  is often asked.  Some of the initials or acronyms are commonly used in social security work but some of them are just used on the program. Although you will know most of them  if you don’t Continue reading