Planned updates for Lisson Grove and Quick Benefits

The recent October updates of Quick Benefits and the LGBP were planned updates. There are times when it is useful to know when the program is going to stop. You can see the next planned update by typing a date into the program which is beyond the date the existing program expires. For example change the year to say 2019. Continue reading


16 or 17 years old claimants and the QB

If your client has a  young person aged 16 or 17 living with them then you can enter their details on the dependent children screen or the non-dependent screen. But the claimant has be aged 18 or over as far as the Lisson Grove Quick Benefits Calculator is concerned. This post is about 16 or 17 years old welfare benefit claimants.

Some young people aged 16 or 17 can get income support or other means-tested benefits. If  you enter the age of a 16 or 17 year old claimant into the Quick Benefits Calculator a “probable error” (red flash warning) box appears. It  tells you Continue reading

Lisson Grove and the Minimum Wage

If your client is working and is being paid below the minimum wage you enter their gross earnings into Lisson Grove not what they should get under minimum wage legislation. If you enter an amount below the minimum wage the Lisson Grove Benefits Program allows you to carry on entering the details of the claimant. It will calculate welfare benefits and tax credits.  The LGBP makes a statement Continue reading

News. Lisson Grove Benefits Program 7.18 Released.

The latest updated version (7.18) of the Lisson Grove Benefits Program has been released and was sent out at the end of last week (week ending 5 Oct 2013).

7.18 is  ‘minor’ update to the program and the enclosed letter from Lisson Grove Benefits (dated 3 Oct) says that the update to the program includes a number of minor changes reflecting the changes to the benefits system which are introduced from October 2013 including : Continue reading

QBC and the Children Screen – what does FP mean?

When we are looking at the Children Screen a common question on a Quick Benefits Calculator training course is “what does the FP mean?” On the Children Screen there is a button at the bottom right of the screen which says Lone Parent FP? No. This is Lone Parent Family Premium.

What is the Lone Parent FP?

The Lone Parent Family Premium is a transitionally protected part of Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit(Council Tax Reduction). To get it a Lone Parent had to be getting Housing Benefit/Council Tax Benefit before 6 April 1998 . Before that date a Lone Parent got extra benefits, one of them being the extra premium with Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit.  When these extra benefits were stopped in 1998 those Continue reading