QBC, Pension Credit and not claiming it.

When you enter the claimant’s age (or their partner’s) the QBC changes from Income Support to Pension Credit if they are old enough.  The QBC automatically assumes you want to claim Pension Credit. But what if a claimant does not want to claim Pension Credit or is not able to get it?  There are two ways that you turn Pension Credit off in the Quick Benefits Calculator. You can defer the claim or you can say that they are not eligible.  Continue reading


Get the QBC to do Pension Credit

To get the Quick Benefits Calculator to do a Pension Credit Calculation just change the age of the claimant on the Basic Details Screen by changing the date of birth and the QB goes from IS/IBJSA to Pension Credit automatically. If the claimant has a partner tick the ‘Has a partner?’ button – so it changes from No to Yes and then enter the partner’s  date of birth .

You will see the screen text changes and the QBC calculates Pension Credit. The following happens: Continue reading

Quick Benefits Calculator version numbers.

Since it started in 1998 each April the QBC version number changes to coincide with the new benefit and tax rates.  Quick Benefits Calculator (QBC) version QB17 started in April 2013.

The Quick Benefits program will be updated throughout the Benefits/Tax Year if there are changes to tax or benefit amounts. And, if problems arise, like software bugs, there will be an update.  These updates are reflected in the version number. Continue reading

Lisson Grove & user confidence

The Lisson Grove Benefits Program and over confidence

The Lisson Grove Benefits Program has a simple user input  and in short – “There’s Only One Way To Do It”.  Unlike its sibling, the Quick Benefits Calculator,  where there is more than one way to do it the LGBP has only one way. It  asks you – its user – a question; once you have answered it the  LGBP moves on to another question.  Continue reading