Training courses on the QBC and on benefits

Quick Benefits Calculator Training

  • Courses for new users
  • Courses for experienced users
  • Cases illustrate problems
  • How to use the program for new users
  • How to use better off features
  • How to manage cases
  • Advanced features for experienced users
  • Tax Credits
  • Legacy benefits
  • Universal Credit
  • Solutions to problems with the program
  • Post course support

Courses can be one hour, half day or full day courses provided at your place. The course can be for as few or as many people as you would like – the cost of the course is based on the number of people attending and whether or not it is a half day course, a full day course or two half day courses on the same day.

Course content

All courses will improve the user’s confidence and they can be tweaked to reflect the user’s experience – so the course can be for beginners or for advanced users.  Post course support is provided to all those who attend the course.  You set out what you would like to be covered and the level e.g. beginner. For more information and some examples on course content please go here .


It depends what sort of course you want – if you want in depth training when we go through cases and the program and those coming need personal support and explanation then up to 16 is a good number – for these courses people should have a laptop with the software installed.

If you want a demonstration where people sit back and the program is explained and people are shown on a projector screen what to do then the groups can be much larger.

Course Length

The course length varies to suit your needs and the costs reflect the course length as well as the numbers.

  • 1 hour ‘lunchtime’ sessions
  • 2 hour
  • 2.5 hours
  • 3 hours
  • 6 hour full day


Prices start from £100 but to get a quote or an idea of costs please email saying how many people you would like to be trained and if you want a full day or half day course. Email

The Lisson Grove Benefits Program Training

Training is also provided on the Lisson Grove Benefits Program courses are for 2 or 3 hours. If you would like Lisson Grove Benefits Program Training please email for more information.

Welfare Benefits Training 

Benefits Training courses can be combined with the Program or a benefits only training course can be delivered for you at your place.

Courses offered are:

  • Introduction to Welfare Benefits
  • Introduction to Universal Credit
  • Introduction to Disability Benefits (PIP, DLA, AA)
  • Advanced courses on Disability Benefits

Please email for more information and say what you  would like the training to cover.