Using QB24

QB25 also installs QB24 – this is useful for checking last year’s benefit rates as well as calculating the accuracy of a Tax Credit Final Award for the 2020-21 Tax and Benefit year. If you want to go to QB24 you have to leave QB25. Once you have finished with QB24 you close it by closing the program. When you start the Quick Benefits Calculator it automatically opens QB25 which is this year’s version of the Quick Benefits Calculator.

  • Start the Quick Benefits Calculator.
  • QB25 will open at the Basic Details Screen (some people call it the Start or First or Home screen).
  • Go to the File Menu – (File to Help Menu Bar to the top of the Basic Details Screen)
  • When you choose File a drop-down menu list appears.
  • The second menu option is “Launch 2020/21 Version of QBC”.
  • Choose that menu option and you are taken to the QB24.
  • Ignore the pop up warning box* by pressing the O.K. button. See *below for more information on the warning box.
  • You are now in QB24. You can check it is QB24 by looking at this Basic Details Screen. If you look next to the date (which is the last date the program works – 11 April 2021) it tells you the version. You can also check along the title bar at the top of the program to see that you are in the year 2020-21.
  • You cannot get to QB23 from QB24. If you want to look at QB23 rates you will have to install the QB24.
  • * The Warning dialog box appears telling you that the QBC has expired – the program means that QB24 rates are not applicable to this tax/benefit rates year 2021-22. It is referring to the fact that QB24 has expired. It gives you the option to check if your program is up to date. You can safely ignore this because we want to use the ‘expired’ version.

QB25 released

The latest version of the Quick Benefits Calculator – QB25 – starts today, 12 April 2021. QB25 covers this tax year’s benefits and tax credits to 5th April 2022. There will be a number of updates to QB25 over the year to reflect changes to the tax credit and welfare benefit rules. The next update will be from 26 July 2021.

Last year’s Quick Benefits Calculator – QB24 – covered the period 6 April 2020 to 11 April 2021. There were 5 releases of QB24: QB24.0 from April 2020 to May; QB24.05 from May to August; QB24.10 from August to October; QB24.15 from October to January 2021; QB24.20 from January 2021 to 11 April 2021. QB24.20 covers all of the rules and rates for tax credits and welfare benefits for the tax year 2020-2021.

QB25 was emailed and/or posted to subscribers last week and those who have not got it should contact Lisson Grove Benefits Program Ltd. for help.